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Barry Kane

Sales Director / Office Comedian


Why did the Sales Director cross the road?

We don’t really have a great punchline, but if there is anyone who could think of the perfect answer, it’s Barry – who makes life around here feel like a sitcom every day!

Barry left the comedy circuit a while back for the equally funny world of marketing and sales. He no longer gets to say, “Please tip your waitress” at 2 a.m., but he does get to immerse himself in the some of the best documentary and educational programming.

He is currently lining up sponsors and creating revenue streams for “ScienceWorks ,” a lively, behind-the-scenes series about STEM careers in development for Discovery Networks.

His personal science hero is Elon Musk, the brains behind Tesla and SpaceX, and his favorite documentary is “The Boy With The Incredible Brain,” which tells the story of an autistic savant capable of learning a new language in a week or calculating equations to the 100th decimal point. Although Barry cannot do either of these things, he does like to watch the Celtics and Patriots, “dance his face off”, and laugh as often as possible.

We know you’ll enjoy talking to him as much as we do!

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