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Heather Anderson

Video Editor / Audio Technician / Love Boat Veteran


Heather learned the ropes of visual storytelling under the roughest of circumstances – as a member of the Princess Cruises video production team!

Our clients of a certain age may associate Princess Cruises with the classic 1970s TV series “The Love Boat,” starring Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell and Lauren Tewes. For 5 years, Heather traveled the world in style, producing mini-documentaries of every port where her ship dropped anchor. Amidst stunning scenery and gorgeous sunsets, she happened to also meet her stunning and gorgeous fiancee, Rey, on the Grand Princess.

Before joining AWARD Productions, Heather experienced the following places through her camera lens: Australia, New Zealand, England, Spain, Italy, France, Gibraltar, Caribbean, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Alaska, Jamaica, Hawaii, Tahiti, American Samoa, French Polynesian islands, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, china, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Portugal, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Korea, Philippines, Mexico and Canada.

Her most memorable stop? “The Cave of the Last Cannibal” on Kitava Island, Papua New Guinea. The country no longer officially tolerates cannibalism, but the feeling was nevertheless rather “eerie.”

“Our crew had big heavy tripods so I figured we could defend each other if someone tried to eat us,” she recalls. “After trekking through the jungle to the cave, we were not disappointed. A native told us a tale of how they used to lure foreigners to the cave, eat them and then leave the bones there. He sounded like one of the narrators from The Twilight Zone!”

Heather is occasionally told by strangers that she resembles actress Reese Witherspoon. If she were ever cast in a movie, she’d prefer for her love interest to be played by actor Darren Criss, best known as Blaine from “Glee.”

In her spare time, Heather enjoys painting, dancing, shooting weddings, and of course, travel. 

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