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Let’s Play Ball!

Today, we visited Fenway, America’s most beloved ballpark, to learn the importance of statistics to baseball. We met with the senior baseball analyst of the Red Sox as well as a few players to hear how math, probability, and statistics are incorporated into the everyday strategies of Major League Baseball in order to determine lineups, draft picks, and evaluate players. Who knew how helpful math was to those famous all-star players! To watch the full episode, go to


How much does a cloud weigh anyway?

Today we visited a news station and the National Weather Service in Maine to learn how meteorologists track the weather and interpret the data in order to try obtain and predict the most accurate information possible. We launched a weather balloon and discussed what causes lightning.

In addition, we quickly learned that it’s also not as easy to give a weather forecast as one might think!

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Welcome to ScienceWorks!







How can your trash turn on your lights?

Will you really be able to fly your car to work someday?
How can being good at math earn you a World Series or Superbowl ring?

ScienceWorks! is a new educational video series showcasing how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are applied to real-life careers. Each 10-12 minute virtual field trip will bring viewers into the trenches of some of the most interesting STEM-related jobs, vividly affirming that math and science are not just for the classroom.

Real-life professionals are designing and coding video games, developing cures for disease, providing disaster relief around the world, and finding creative ways to harness energy. By featuring various techniques, theories, and processes in an entertaining and informative way, ScienceWorks! will energize kids to broaden their studies in these essential fields.

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