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Al Ward

Company Founder / President

The “Boss”

Whether he’s inside a presidential motorcade capturing the crazy pace of a political campaign or zooming in on an open chest during heart surgery, Al is obsessed with getting the “perfect shot” for his clients.

After stomaching one too many “Pet of the Week” segments, this former TV reporter and newscaster moved behind the camera in 1990 to found his own broadcast production house.

Al’s camerawork and editing expertise are now regularly seen on most of the major broadcast and cable networks including CNN, NBC, PBS, FOX, CBS, and Discovery. Some of his memorable moments behind the lens include shadowing the Dalai Lama for an inspiring three days, parading around with larger-than-life Simpsons cartoon mascots, wading knee-deep in cranberries with former New England Patriots star Wes Welker (ask him for the backstory), and exclusively filming on the live airport runways during the first flight tests of the Transition “flying car.”

With four highly acclaimed broadcast documentaries for PBS under his belt, Al has also been the leading creative force behind hundreds of educational and promotional video productions. He is the co-founder of Lemon-Aid Films, a health education company producing and distributing videos to community health centers, classrooms and clinics nationwide.

For our aviation history film “Beyond Kitty Hawk,” Al was nominated for an Emmy as director for Best Documentary. His work has also been honored by the American Medical Writers Association, the National Educational Media Network, the National Telly Awards and the Vision Awards.

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