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Dan Waldron

Editor / Sound Technician / Token Yankees Fan

“The Derek Jeter of Editing”

The newest member of our post-production team, Dan, is a versatile editor, camera operator and motion graphics artist with a background in documentaries, promotional videos and short films.

He first cut his documentary teeth on “Fixing America,” a cross-country journey with Colorado rancher and political activist Steve Laffey, who traveled the back roads from Denver to Washington D.C. to explore ways to boost the ailing economy. Dan, who was the assistant cameraman on the film, also used the assignment to explore America’s best diners BBQ restaurants.

Dan recently demonstrated his speed and creativity under pressure as a cameraman and After Effects artist in Boston’s 48 Hour Film Festival. His team’s short film, Thumbosis,” was the winner of the “Best of Boston” award.

Although he has yet to apply these skills to his editing projects, Dan is a talented dart player and has an amazing sense of balance on a skateboard. He also is a proud and defiant New York Yankees fan, despite growing up in 100 percent Boston Red Sox territory.

His Bronx Bomber obsession began when his New Yorker dad gave him a Yankees cap when he was 4-years old. Dan and his brothers still make a yearly pilgrimage to Yankee Stadium with their father. He particularly admires shortstop Derek Jeter, citing the star’s “clutch performance when his team needs him the most.”

We’re proud to say that those are the same kind of results that Dan delivers for Award Productions clients!

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