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Ursula Kane

Senior Project Manager / Producer / Sr. Artistic Designer / Viral Video Scout

“The Michelangelo of Award Productions”

Originally trained in the classical arts, Ursula is our multi-talented media producer, seamlessly switching from graphic design to field production, script development and project research depending on our needs of the moment.

Feeling equally comfortable with government officials, CEOs, professional athletes and school children, Ursula has a friendly conversational interview style that instantly puts her subjects at ease.

As a graphic artist, she admires British designer Daniel Kleinman, who created the James Bond movie title sequences for “GoldenEye”, “Casino Royale,” and “Skyfall”, and German painter Gerhard Richter, whose portraits appear as lifelike as photos.

Outside of the office, Ursula enjoys photography, painting murals, and creating one-of-a-kind family crest heirlooms featuring topographical maps of your country of origin.

As you’ll learn from Ursula’s infamous “Lucky Charms” essay, she is originally from Northern Ireland and can speak in an authentic Irish accent on request.

During rare moments of downtime, Ursula is also our resident viral video scout, reviewing scores of YouTube clips and sharing her best finds with the office. At any other job, this might be considered “loafing around.”  Here, it is called “research,” as on-line video content happens to be one of our core specialties.

Stay tuned for some of Ursula’s choice viral video picks, all of which are totally office appropriate…

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